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Let us build your dream blaster!

We are now offering tech services to build custom blasters! We use the highest quality parts to build high performance hobby grade blasters. We do not offer painting service, we believe that one of the greatest benefits of nerf is the easily identifiable bright colors. We offer a wide range of aftermarket body kits to match those bright colors while giving you a cosmetically enhanced look. Due to high demand we will only build top of the line blasters with a minimum build cost of $60 including blaster, parts, and labor. please send all commission requests to tacticoolfoam@gmail.comĀ 
We look forward to creating the most epic blasters on the planet!

Typical build costs:
Hammershot or Strongarm pistols-$60
Retaliator, Slingfire, Recon mk2, Rampage-$100-$250
Stryfe- $100-$300