About Us

Welcome to Tacticool Foam! We are an online retailer and modification service specializing in custom nerf gun products. Our products will make your nerf blaster shoot further and faster for more intense battles. Our goal is to make competition foam sports more accessible as an alternative to airsoft and paintball. Foam sports are a safe way for all ages to enjoy intense battle action! Custom modified nerf guns or "blasters" as they are called in the hobby add much more intensity and thrill to the game. By increasing the range and accuracy of your groups nerf guns through very easy modifications you can really get into the game as a competitive sport.  Tacticool Foam is passionate about seeing this hobby grow into the next big action sport. Dart wars don't require private field restrictions and can be played anytime and anywhere. Nerf blasters are easily identifiable to the public being brightly colored and much less menacing than an airsoft gun. Modified nerf guns are perfect for an older child who has outgrown toys but still too young for airsoft and paintball. In fact dart wars are fun for the whole family. At Tacticool Foam you can expect a friendly and helpful staff to assist you in getting optimum performance from your equipment from supplying the right parts to building your dream modified custom nerf gun.    
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Contact us @ tacticoolfoam@gmail.com

Returns- Contact us if you have a defective item, otherwise all sales are final. This is a hobby business and all proceeds go directly into supplying more inventory.