Beginners guide to nerf modding

If you have stumbled upon this site you may be have a lot of questions about what nerf modding and this hobby is all about. There are a couple different reasons people like to modify their blasters. The first reason would be to upgrade performance, a lot of people like myself enjoy nerf wars so having more firepower can give you an advantage in battle. Other people just like to target practice or just want a cool toy that they can play with. The other reason you may modify your blaster would be to make it look cooler. Nerf is a great platform to get creative and build a model of your favorite video game or other action themed weapons.


So now that you have figured out what the purpose of your build will be you can start to explore the near endless options of what will best suit your needs. Are you going into battle? What is your budget? Is there just one replica that you have always dreamed of owning? Just how much power do you want or need? 

There are basically 3 types of blasters to choose from when it comes to performance mods. Electric, spring powered, and short dart shooting springers. Electric blasters give you the option of semi and full auto for much higher rate of fire, no doubt if you are raining darts on your opponents with epic mag dumps in full auto fury you are more inclined to get tags but while these little monsters are fun you need to feed the little beasts so maybe not the best option for the casual player as you will most certainly want to run some tactical gear and enough magazines to continue to rain darts throughout the game. 

Spring powered blasters require you to prime them each shot which can be improved with the addition of a shotgun grip kit. In general, these blasters require a lower investment and if you conserve your ammo you can usually get through a war with a mag in the blaster and a backup in your back pocket. An inexpensive and very simple to install spring upgrade will yield some very satisfying results in performance! Just keep in mind the higher yielding the spring, the more difficult the prime will be. A retaliator with a mild spring swap is like the gateway drug of modding. Simply loosen the back half of the blaster screws and remove the plunger cap to expose the spring and butterfly the shell just enough to get the old spring out and slide the new spring in. Button it back up and be amazed with the difference such a simple hack can achieve, you may be satisfied with just this or get the bug to keep building. Which brings me to our last category, the short dart shooting springer. 

Many enthusiasts will reach a point when they want to push the envelope and build something that is just too powerful for standard length darts. These high fps monsters are pump action and shoot either cut down darts or pre-made short darts. These are for those who want range and accuracy or just the thrill of higher velocity wars which are more closely related to paintball than traditional backyard nerf wars. 

Disclaimer: Nerf modding is extremely addictive, what may start as a quick trip to target can quickly lead to hoarding and building the most epic arsenal to fulfill all your childhood dreams of becoming Rambo. 

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  • Dude! Your kits are SWEET! I’m a n00b to the mod scene. I have virgin Stryfe and Rapidstrike, and a modded Rapidstrike I just picked up.

    I’m hoping to pick up 4 metal triggers, the MP5K kit (in Elite Blue) and if you have them, 4 metal magazine release triggers. I’d love to know when you guys are replenishing your stock!

    - Solo

    Dan Solo

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